The whole school was buzzing on Friday 8th March, as characters arrived through the gates from just about every imaginary world you can think of! Cheshire Cats and Mad Hatters, scarecrows and rabbits, not to mention a yellow brick road, Mr Bump and Mr Tickle and several frightening looking pirates, all representing characters from a wonderful selection of popular books.There were some very creative and imaginative ‘home-made’ costumes which must have taken hours (and even days!) to make, adding to the excitement and spirit of the day.

All the children were treated to a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland by M&M Theatre Company and the Years 5 and 6 pupils attended very useful Stagecraft Workshops. There were various fun activities and events throughout the rest of the day, including charades and decorating bookmarks. The judges had a very difficult time, at each of the three Fancy Dress Parades, trying to decide who should win the prizes.  If they could have awarded a prize to absolutely everyone, they would have! It truly was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all and a real celebration of books and reading for pleasure.