Computing is an integral part of our lives, the influences of which can be seen in all facets of the modern world. No education would be complete without ensuring that pupils are equipped to use computational thinking and creativity to succeed in an ever-changing digital community.

At Chesham Preparatory School, every child from Reception to Year 8 receives discrete Computing lessons in a mobile IT classroom. Sixty laptops and twenty iPads are available to use across the school, along with a range of other technologies such as digital cameras, Beebots, Lego WeDo and various monitoring and recording devices. All teaching and learning takes place in a completely safe online environment bolstered by a state of the art firewall and proxy server and more importantly, a culture that embraces E-safety at the heart of every lesson.

Throughout their time at this school, each child will cover the three core learning areas of the National Computing Curriculum: Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science. The new curriculum, which came into effect in 2014, will have a greater emphasis on algorithm design, mathematical modelling and programming; a precursor to Computer Science.

The skills, understanding and knowledge that our pupils develop in their Computing lessons feed into all other subjects, granting access to countless resources and information and helping the children to become discerning learners who approach their tasks with creativity and confidence. Each classroom in the school is equipped with a PC, Smart Board and a range of specialist software, which is used to deliver exciting and engaging lessons.