As English is our primary medium of communication in both its written and spoken forms, its mastery is a prerequisite for educational progress. At CPS we aim to enable all pupils to develop, to the best of their ability, their use and understanding of the spoken and written word so that they have a solid foundation on which to build their continuing education. It is the aim of the English department to make this subject come alive for all pupils, to inspire in them a fascination for words and expression in various forms, and to develop a love for literature which will last throughout their education and their lives.

Curriculum Management

Members of the department meet regularly to discuss the curriculum and to ensure consistency in teaching approaches and standards of achievement. General class and individual pupil development and progress are also discussed as well as the most up to date resources and training opportunities. The English scheme of work is written with reference to the National Curriculum and Literacy Strategy but is adapted and modified when required. The Common Entrance syllabus also forms the basis for teaching in the senior part of the school from years 5 to 8. English is taught in sets and follows a curriculum which has been formulated in accordance with set levels and ability, but which also allows for movement between sets. Children are encouraged to read as much as possible. Individual reading records are kept and updated regularly by all English teachers and verbal and written book reviews are mandatory. A spelling programme has been implemented in the Senior School whereby the five main spelling rules are taught before differentiated spelling lists are issued. High frequency and commonly misspelt word lists are also issued to each year group.

English Curriculum 2015/6 Senior School (Years 5 – 8) click here.