History comes alive at CPS!

Using a wide variety of techniques and resources, the children are encouraged to immerse themselves in the period they are covering. The subject is enhanced by trips to museums, castles and churches with cross curricular links to Art and RE. The children also learn through visits to the school by historical re-enactment groups; research using computers and the studying of historical artefacts all support solid classroom-based teaching of this fascinating subject.

Aims of the department

  • To teach historical fact and give pupils a confidence to analyse historical themes, events and past people.
  • To give pupils an infectious wonderment of the past, and to give them the desire and ability to extend their historical knowledge and understanding outside the classroom and in later life.
  • To exceed the requirements of the National Curriculum in terms of thematic content and skills acquired with visits to places of historical interest, role play and drama opportunities in school.
  • To teach children the direct relevance of history to the present
  • To give pupils an interest in and knowledge of the history of their local community and family .Links with local war veterans has been established to enhance the teaching and understanding of past conflict
  • To educate children in understanding the relevance of past civilisations in the development of our own in Britain.
  • To encourage pupils to take an interest in the historical infrastructure around us, from stone circles to 20th century architectural styles.
  • To gradually increase pupils’ exposure to historical source material, teaching them the skills required to assess bias, usefulness and reliability.
  • To prepare pupils for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams which take place towards the end of Year 8.
  • To teach pupils an increasing range of historical vocabulary, which they can recognise and utilise with confidence.
  • To teach the factual content of history alongside key concepts such as cause and effect and change over time.

Curriculum Information

Senior School (Year 5 – 8) 2018 detailed curriculum click here.