Mathematics is fundamental to many facets of our lives and it is therefore crucial that we equip our pupils with the necessary skills to become confident, logical and productive scholars as they embark on their journey to adulthood. We believe that a firm foundation in number work and an accessible yet challenging curriculum are essential in driving forward the aims of our department. We endeavour to:

  • Instil a love for mathematics
  • Educate pupils on the importance of mathematics, in order to live as well as to help progress through education and on to employment
  • Utilise various methods and techniques across the maths curriculum
  • Encourage pupils to adopt methods that work for them
  • Give them the confidence to apply their maths knowledge
  • Inspire children through the teachers love for the subject
  • Motivate the pupils through investigations and challenges

At CPS, all pupils will have opportunities to:

  • Work at their own ability level and to be supported if necessary
  • Be challenged above their ability level and to be supported if necessary
  • Work individually, in pairs and in groups
  • Work in the areas of number, measure, shape, space, data handling, problem solving and investigations
  • Develop their times tables, mental maths and application skills
  • Use calculators and computers
  • Use a range of mathematical tools, instruments and equipment in practical tasks in and out of the classroom
  • Develop their maths skills at home through homework tasks
  • Demonstrate their progress through regular assessments

CPS has excellent resources and we make good use of our interactive whiteboards and IT facilities. All students have access to the MyMaths website and we encourage the use of this at home and in school. In the junior and senior school, select pupils represent the school in local inter school challenges.

Pupils are set by ability from Year 4 and the sets are reviewed every half-term and pupils moved up and down according to progress. The Mathematics Department works closely with other departments, such as Science and Geography to ensure a common approach to maths related skills and methods.

Pupils currently follow the new Abacus Evolve scheme of work in Years 1 and 2 and the Collins Busy Ant Maths scheme in Reception and from years 3 to 6. Both publishers have their merits and we believe that we have adopted the perfect blend of each to deliver the new National Curriculum effectively across the breadth of the school. In years 7 and 8, our principal textbooks follow the ISEB common entrance syllabus and are differentiated into three levels. We provide support for all external examinations, including the 11+, 12+, 13+ and common entrance examinations.

Gifted and talented students are extended through extension work, challenges and clubs and the Learning Support Department provides support for those in need of help.

The school have a bi-annual Mathematics Week, which includes assemblies, daily challenges, cross curricular activities, maths trails and quizzes and Inter house Mathematics Competitions.

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