At Chesham Prep School, a child’s personal, social, health and citizenship education is of paramount importance during their time at the school. We aim to produce happy, well rounded and responsible pupils who contribute positively to the school community. This underlines everything that takes place within a school day.

Elements of the PSHE curriculum are covered or addressed formally in a number of ways. These include:

  • Pastoral and disciplinary systems within the school.
  • Assemblies – both religious and non-religious, covering topical issues.
  • Form time – the form tutor will address issues arising within the form group on matters of a pastoral nature.
  • The curriculum – links to PSHE have been identified within the scheme of work with Science, English and ICT.
  • Weekly PSHE lesson delivered by the form tutor who plays the key pastoral role in the child’s time at the school.

The schemes of work are enriched by a variety of visiting speakers and workshops including: a trip to Hazard Alley, the Houses of Parliament and Fire Safety talks from the local Fire Station, and Anti-Bullying Roadshows.

Policies for sex education and drugs education have been recently revised. This forms an integral part of PSHE Curriculum in KS2 and KS3.