The main aim at CPS is to help children develop as individuals who will be able to integrate into a pluralistic and multi-cultural society.

R.E. at CPS actually incorporates Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology, which are all popular subjects at higher levels of education.

R.E. helps pupils learn about and from religion. By doing this we hope to promote positive attitudes of tolerance and respect towards others.

Throughout the school R.E. uses active learning strategies, which are fun and accessible to all abilities. We use role-play, videos, debates and discussions, song writing, drama, music and craft to develop skills of enquiry, reflection and above all empathy.

CPS was founded in 1938 by a Christian couple, who wanted to promote learning to the glory of God. This ethos is still maintained today – however other religions are taught in comparison to Christianity.

In Year 5, we begin by looking at the Journey of Life in “Rites of Passage” and how Religions mark special occasions. We will discuss and experience:

  • A Sikh naming ceremony
  • A Jewish Bar Mitzvah
  • A Hindu wedding, which we act out, and
  • A Buddhist concept of Reincarnation.

These will be compared to similar stages within the Christian life.

A second topic in year 5 is called “Leaders, Founders and Prophets”, and as the title suggests, we look at how religions were started and why characters throughout history are important to certain religions.

In Year 6, we study a selection of Holy Books- the Qu’ran, Torah, Bible, Ramayana and Guru Granth Sahib and focus on issues of morality. During the “Communities” topic we look at

  • Muslim preparation for prayer/Ramadan
  • Jewish food laws and Shabbat
  • Sikh 5ks and the Khalsa
  • Church Family and Easter
  • Hindu worship

We also look at Buddhism as a way of life and issues of suffering and injustice.

In Year 7 we study a topic called “Journeys”. This looks at a pupil’s own life and Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and men of Faith. We also study physical journeys to Holy Places and to discuss their significance to a person’s life. Later on in this year we explore the Life and Times of Jesus Christ using the video “Miracle Maker”.

In Year 8 pupils follow the Common Entrance syllabus in preparation for Common Entrance examinations in the Summer Term. Areas of study include:

  • Is there a God?
  • Creation theories and the meaning of life: Cain and Abel, Abraham and the Sacrifice, Moses and the Burning Bush
  • Contemporary understanding of New Testament texts
  • Ethical and Moral issues:
    • Stewardship
    • Sacrifice
    • Fairtrade
    • Injustice
    • Jealousy and anger
    • Forgiveness

Pupils complete an individual project/powerpoint presentation on a major world faith and will include a trip to the local place of worship and interviewing members from that faith community.

At CPS, we teach about religion, but more appropriately, we use religion to enhance and facilitate pupil’s spiritual, moral and social development.