Parents’ Consultations

Parent consultation evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring term. Parents are allocated 15 minutes on a choice of two evenings. Some parents make appointments for immediately before or after school when they are unable to attend either of these evenings.

Written Reports For Nursery

One general written report is written in the Autumn term and one at the end of the Summer term stating where the child is at based on the Early Learning Goals.

Written Reports For Reception

There are two written reports, one at the end of the Autumn Term and one at the end of the Summer Term. The Autumn report is a general report and is shorter than the one at the end of the school year. The one at the end of the Summer term is a written summary based on how well a child has progressed against the Early Learning Goals and assessment Scales which form the assessment requirements at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is also a comment from the specialist teachers that teach your child i.e. Music, I.C.T. and P.E.