A Typical Day in the Junior School

From 8.00am until 8.30am there is an “Early Morning Club, (for children in Reception to Year Three) which is supervised by a member of staff. This takes place in the dining room and is for those parents who drop their child at school early. Parents who arrive at school before 8.30am are asked not to wait outside their child’s classroom but to take their child to the “Early Morning Club” and leave them with the staff on duty. Please note that children are not allowed to wander around the school unsupervised. Children in Year Four who arrive at 8.00am may play on the Upper Courtyard or play ball games on the Astroturf. From half term Spring term (depending on the weather) children in Year Three may also play on the Astroturf, where they are supervised by a member of staff. Children go to their classrooms at 8.30am, ready for registration. If it is raining, children in Year Four upwards are supervised in the Adlington Hall.

At CPS we encourage parents and children to “kiss and drop” in the mornings. This helps the children gain independence and allows the school day to begin promptly.

The morning lessons are predominantly taken up with numeracy and literacy and where possible the other subjects take place in the afternoon. At morning break there is a snack of fruit or vegetables and a drink of water (or milk for children up to Year Two). Break is at 10.30am, children in Year One and Year Two play on the Lower Courtyard and children in Years Three and Four play on the Upper Courtyard. The children in the Senior School use the Astroturf.

At lunchtime there is a choice of menu for all the children including a salad bar, fruit or a pudding and a drink of water. Years One and Two have their lunch in the first sitting with children in the Early Years classes. Each table has a member of staff eating with the children and all children are encouraged to use their knife and fork properly and have good table manners. Children in Years Three and Four go into lunch in the second sitting where there is a member of staff on duty in the dining room supervising the children’s manners. Weather permitting, the school field is used by the children for their break.

In the afternoon, lessons resume with a break at 2.15pm for children in Reception, Years One and Two. They also have an afternoon snack of a biscuit. When appropriate children in Years Three and Four also have an afternoon break.

Children in the Early Years, Years One and Two finish at 3:30pm, unless specified on the school calendar. The children in Years One and Two are brought to the Lower Courtyard to be collected, children in the Early Years . If your child is attending an extra-curricular activity, (Years One and Two) they will need to be collected from the room where it has taken place. Children not attending an after school club but who are at school until 4pm because they have an older sibling, share a car rota or use the school bus are welcome to attend Little Owls. If you wish your child to use Little Owls please inform your child’s class teacher. The school office show where Little Owls is taking place and an email is sent out at the beginning of the year to parents.

From Year Three the children are at school until 4.00pm. They also begin start playing in matches once a week and occasionally twice a week. Please check the calendar card for fixtures, which usually take place on a Tuesday. Children attending an after school activity that finishes at 5pm will need to be collected from the Upper Courtyard.

Swimming lessons for Year Three start after half term in the Autumn term. You will need to take your child straight to the swimming pool. After their lesson they will be brought back to school by bus where they will have breakfast. They then resume normal lessons.