CPS prides itself on the wide range of extra-curricular activities that it provides for the children. There is ‘something for everyone’; in fact, some pupils take part in an activity every day of the week!

In addition through our Extended School program there is an Early Morning Club from 8.00am and a Late Club to 6.00pm.

Please see below to learn more about many of the clubs offered by the school staff and external companies.

Art and Craft Club Yr 5-8

The children are encouraged to express themselves creatively within a framework of teaching and demonstration. The children will be making personalised mirror frames out of cardboard and acrylic

Athletics Club Yrs 3-8

Athletics club is designed to give pupils extra opportunity to work on the different disciplines of athletics. Each week different events are set up for the pupils to practice and develop their technique.

Board Games Yrs 1-8

Board games provides the chance for pupils to enjoy playing a number of different board games within social groups.

Choirs Yrs 1-8

Our range of Choirs gives the music department the extra time for pupils to rehearse and perfect their singing in time for the many soiree’s and concerts that are on throughout the year.

Circuits Club Yrs 4-8

An Early morning opportunity for pupils to do a 20 minute workout with background music and different exercises each week keeps the pupils coming back for more.

Cookery Club Yrs 3-8

Our cookery clubs are proving to be a massive hit with the pupils. Educational and exciting, the club is providing the pupils with an education in the different foods from around the world.

Cricket Nets Yrs 4-8

Our cricket nets session runs throughout the year and gives pupils time to practice all the key skills required for the cricket season. It is currently run by Bucks County Coaches.

Cross Country Yrs 3-8

This club gives provides the chance for the pupils to go off site and complete different challenges to improve their stamina and cross country running.

Cycling Club Yrs 5-8

This exciting and innovative club gives pupils a great opportunity to get on their bikes and compete across the different disciplines of cycling and challenge themselves.

Dance Yrs 1-8

Our dance clubs gives pupils the chance to express themselves to music in groups. They are given time to create different routines and perform them to the rest of the club as well as being given
feedback and support in their choreography.

Drama Club Yrs 5-8

Drama club provides the pupils with time to rehearse, audition and develop their dramatics in a number of different performances throughout the year.

Gardening Club Yrs 1-8

Our gardening clubs educate the pupils in how to look after plants around the garden.

Golf Yrs 5-8

Golf club sees the pupils head to the driving range to develop their swing and strike.

IAPS Netball & Hockey Training Squad Yrs 5-6

These training squads allow extra time for those pupils who are aiming to represent the school in national competitions.

Judo Yrs 1-8

Our external Judo coaches come in and provide all pupils who sign up with the opportunity to learn about a different sport building their confidence and knowledge in the martial arts.

Orchestra Yrs 5-8

Orchestra provides those with musical talents to rehearse as part of a group and gives extra time for the Orchestra to practice before school events.

Painting Club Yrs 1-8

The children are encouraged to express themselves creatively within a framework of teaching and demonstration. They will use thickly spread poster paint on boards so that their work is sturdy and everlasting. These paintings will be displayed in school.

Rugby Yrs 1-8

Our rugby clubs compliment the work we do in games allowing the games staff to provide extra coaching to those pupils enjoying their rugby.

SAQ Club Yrs 4-8

Another Early Morning Club, SAQ club allows pupils to start the day off with some fast paced activity. It is aimed to build on three core principles of fitness; Speed, Agility and Quickness.