Typical Day in Senior School

Children may arrive from 8.00am. Pupils are supervised in one of 3 areas.

  • Dining Room for Reception to Year 3 pupils.
  • Astroturf for ballgames for Years 4 to 8
  • Playground areas for Years 4 to 8 (in the Adlington Hall in poor weather)

Registration begins at 8.30a.m. when a bell rings, followed by Assembly or Hymn practice or additional form time until 9.05am.

The school day comprises a 9 lesson day, lessons being 40 mins long in the morning and 35 mins in the afternoon.

Pupils have a 20 minute morning break after lesson 2.

Lunch hour is from 12.45pm- 1.40pm. The teaching day runs until 4.00pm. after which a wide range of activities is available.

Homework is set on an increasing time basis depending upon age, the subject distribution being agreed by the staff.