Aims & Ethos

Mission statement

We believe that children have the right to thrive at school and that this school should provide a stimulating educational environment within which all its pupils can learn and grow with enjoyment.

Aims of the School

The school aims to nurture pupils who:-

  • Are known and valued as individuals
  • Are intellectually curious and inspired by a love of learning
  • Are ambitious and assured with the skills and self-belief which allows them to pursue their goals and aspirations
  • Are confident and prepared for the next stage of their educational journey
  • Have understanding, respect and sensitivity towards the diversity of the school and wider community
  • Are good citizens with a willingness to be kind, generous, courteous and considerate

Preparing children in this way, and within this wider context, underpins all that we do.

Our Offer

To achieve the above we offer:-

  • A broad range of challenges and academic opportunities
  • An extensive and varied programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities which develop skills, character and cultural awareness
  • High quality pastoral care in which each individual is known, valued, nurtured and encouraged
  • A stimulating environment which encourages the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour
  • To develop and maximise the school’s facilities and resources to ensure that the pupils benefit from an exceptional learning environment
Chesham Preparatory School
Open Day

Wednesday 4th March 2020  9 – 11.00am

Saturday 7th March 2020  9.30 – 11.30am