Aims & Ethos

Mission statement

We believe that children have the right to thrive at school and that this school should provide a stimulating educational environment within which all its pupils can learn and grow with enjoyment.

Aims of the school

We aim:

  • To know each pupil as an individual and identify, develop and nurture his or her varied talents and strengths according to differing needs at different times.
  • To ensure that all pupils are safe, happy and inspired with a love of learning, so that they can grow in confidence and self-esteem.
  • To provide an environment where academic and personal development comes hand in hand, and every pupil is stretched with a wealth of opportunity, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • To differentiate work through inspirational teaching, using flexible approaches, the latest technologies and exciting resources.
  • To foster a community based on Christian values, tolerance and service whilst encouraging respect and sensitivity towards the beliefs and convictions of others.
  • To develop and maximise the school’s facilities and resources to ensure that pupils benefit from an exceptional learning environment.
  • To foster excellent relationships with our families, local and wider communities.
  • To ensure we meet the needs of 21st century children, supporting their short term development towards long term success.

Different needs at different times

We are proud of the diversity within our community. All children are nurtured and looked after with utmost care and attention to their welfare and safety. Children’s changing needs can be met on a day-to-day basis.

Our Early Years’ Department provides an extension of the love and security that your child has received at home. Young children are taught the basics of Literacy and Numeracy; they have opportunities to develop their physical skills (PE, Dance) and there are many opportunities for them to be creative (Music, Art, Drama). A great deal of emphasis is put on developing vocabulary and honing personal and social skills.

Older children are offered a wide breadth of opportunity, the chance to develop new skills and greater confidence. Standards are very high in every area of school life. Teachers share the same expectations and are always aware of the impact that their expectations have on a child’s performance.

Teachers and Teaching

All teachers and assistants are dedicated professionals who thrive on the school experience as much as the children in their care. These adults are exemplary role models.

As well as encouraging high academic standards, teachers show, by example, that they value courtesy, good manners, the ability to appreciate art and music, a willingness to care for the environment and, most of all, to care for each other. Older children are encouraged to take increasing personal responsibility to be self- disciplined, fair-minded, honest and reliable.

Teachers provide the ideal curriculum to suit any particular child. Every child reaches his/her own potential by working towards their own individual targets within a personalised learning plan. Groupings are flexible so that those children who need extra time to consolidate their learning can have it, and equally, those children who grasp a concept quickly are able to move on and work at a faster pace.

Teachers are fully aware of the different needs:

  • Differentiation of class work and homework to meet individual needs
  • Teachers take account of different learning styles
  • Gifted and Talented – Support and encouragement is provided so that more able children are extended to achieve their full potential
  • Learning Support – Focussed learning support for children who have a specific learning difficulty (eg Dyslexia)
  • EAL (English as Additional Language) – Focussed learning support for children whose first language is other than English
  • Booster groups for targeted support


The curriculum is under constant review to ensure it meets the needs of 21st century children. The school day is busy and productive. Children are engaged in exciting activities making use of latest technologies and exciting resources. Computer Technology is embedded in lessons throughout the curriculum.

Children learn French from Nursery and Spanish from Year 1 upwards. They are introduced to the language as well as being taught to appreciate the country’s history and culture.

Aside from the academic curriculum, there are many excellent, additional opportunities for children. We believe that everyone has something to offer and children are encouraged in those disciplines where they do have a talent, an interest or a skill.

Children frequently thrill and delight us with their singing, dancing, artistic, sporting, dramatic and musical achievements! Classrooms are fully equipped and there is every opportunity for these children to achieve outstanding individual success!

Many of our children enjoy optional, individual instrumental lessons in a range of instruments: guitar, piano, clarinet, recorder, drums, cello, violin etc.

Chesham Preparatory School
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