At Chesham Prep we wholeheartedly encourage the move towards a healthier lifestyle within our school. We have recently employed Holroyd Howe as our Caterers to ensure that the structure and content of all our menus promotes the wellbeing of everyone we feed.

“We adhere to the principle of ‘getting the balance right’, which simply means having enough fruit and vegetables, protein, fibre and starchy foods whilst avoiding too much fat, sugar and salt.

The nutritional guidelines for school meals across all state schools are not a legislative requirement for independent schools. However, we recognise our responsibilities to keep within these guidelines and as such we have created our own ‘Nutritional Guidelines’ to follow in line with what we believe to be best practice. Our ultimate goal is to help pupils of all ages enjoy balanced meals containing good sources of protein and starch, accompanied by lots of vegetables, salad and fruit. However, we will of course ensure our meals are balanced to include the occasional treat!

These standards mean that the less healthy food choices, high in fat, salt and sugar are replaced by more nutritious options.”

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