Destination schools and 11+

It is our aim to ensure that children leave CPS at 11 with at least one year’s academic advantage over national expectations for children of similar age. In practice many children achieve a greater advantage than this while the least able children in the year will be just about meeting the expected levels of achievement for their age. Children sit entrance tests for a wide number of local independent schools and many sit the Bucks Grammar School selection tests at 11+. We achieve this without becoming anything like a “hot house”.

Approximately half the year group qualify for Grammar School but not all these children will in fact take up their places. Some children transfer to independent schools at 11+. Most children receive an offer from the parents’ first choice independent school at 11+ and at 13+. This is because the school has been carefully chosen to provide the most appropriate academic environment for each child.

11+ Results

Parents choose whether to enter their children for the Bucks 11+ tests. Please see the table below for our recent results.  Not all children who qualify for a Grammar School place go on to take up their place, some children remain in the independent sector.

Year Group2016-172017-182018-192019-20202020-212021-222022-23
% who passed the test76%65%76%53%55%89%60%

Destination Schools

On leaving Chesham Preparatory School our children go on to a variety of schools. The Headmaster and Deputy Head (Academic) are always happy to meet with parents to discuss their children’s strengths and suggest suitable future schools. Approximately 2/3 will qualify for Grammar School places, but not all will take up these places, and will either stay at Chesham Prep or move to independent schools.

Click here for our current list of destination schools.