We are Passionate About Learning

Small class numbers of 20 ensure that teachers quickly get to know their pupils.  Every child reaches their potential by working towards their own individual targets within a personalised learning plan.  Groupings are flexible so that those children who need extra time to consolidate their learning can have it, and equally, those children who grasp a concept quickly are able to move on and work at a faster pace.

We believe that children should be provided with as broad and varied a curriculum as possible from a very early age. To this end we provide additional subject specialist teachers for Physical Education, Music, Computing, French and Spanish from their first week at school. From the Year 3 they start to learn to play the major team sports and they begin swimming lessons. When children reach Year 5 they, in effect, begin secondary education as all lessons are taught by different subject specialists.

Outdoor learning has been incorporated into the school curriculum from English to Spanish, and from Maths to RE.  The beautiful outdoor learning areas not only encourages and helps native British Wildlife to thrive around the school, but is also used for extracurricular activities such as Environmental and Gardening Clubs.

I love English because it has inspired me to be an author.

Georgia Year 5

Science has been amazing, we have learnt so much.  My personal favourite activity was dissecting an eye (animal’s eye).

Lucy Year 5

I wanted to let you know how inspiring the History lessons are.  My daughter repeatedly comes home very animated, particularly after the lesson outlining the causes of the First World War and the assassination of the Archduke where they acted out the motorcade between the desks.

A parent

Pupils relish debate and discussion, and they demonstrate strong powers of reasoning and logical thought.

ISI Report 2016

Extremely strong subject knowledge and an infectious passion are apparent in all teachers across the school, which undoubtedly contributes to the pupils acquiring skills and confidence beyond the expectations of the typical child of a similar age.

ISI Report 2016

The curriculum provides challenge and excellence, and is sympathetically planned to meet the developing needs of the pupils as they progress through the school.

ISI Report 2016