School Counselling

The school provides a confidential counselling service called ‘Chatline’ for any child who wishes to discuss any matter which might be troubling them. The sessions are private and the children request sessions through a post box system. The counsellor has a certificate in counselling skills.


Excellent systems are in place to ensure that the personal development of pupils is at the forefront of their education. Pupils are encouraged to express their concerns or worries though a soft toy; they post their worries into its mouth, in the knowledge that a teacher will read the message and respond with support.

ISI Report 2016
Chesham Preparatory School
Open Mornings Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October 2022

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful school on Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October.  There will be tours of the school and the opportunity to speak to our class teachers and specialist teachers as you go round.

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