Gifted & Talented

We endeavour to offer opportunities for children to extend their abilities in all areas of their education at Chesham Preparatory School. The term Gifted and Talented can usually be applied to children who are performing roughly within the top 5% of their peer group in any particular area in school.

Children can be recognised as Gifted and Talented as a result of in-school performance or testing, external clubs or examinations, parental or peer nominations.

These children are recognised in the form of a register. Children can be included for outstanding abilities in academic, aesthetic or physical subjects, or all round excellence.

Activities and provision for gifted and talented children are arranged in response to the abilities of the cohort of children in any particular area of the curriculum. Children may not necessarily remain on the register for the whole of their time at Chesham Prep School.

The educational needs of these children in Chesham Preparatory School are met mainly by enrichment of the curriculum.

What makes a child Gifted or Talented?

Here are some possible indicators:

  • Very early to reach milestones in development
  • Deeper knowledge and processing than peers
  • Early understanding of abstract concepts
  • Show desire to probe beyond facts – asking ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ rather than just ‘what?
  • Questioning the answers rather than answering the questions
  • Speed and efficiency of information processing
  • Ability to dismantle and reassemble objects with unusual skill
  • Advanced drawing or handwriting
  • Have a deep appreciation and understanding of music
  • Highly developed empathy for others

While the school can offer some opportunities for extension and enrichment within the curriculum, parents will also be directed towards web sites, clubs, parent support groups, weekend residential subject based schools etc. where the children are able to work with other children at a similar level. These are promoted on the school website.

The school offers clubs for those children who excel at particular subjects and all departments celebrate outstanding successes every year. The Physical Education, Art and Music Departments in particular, have many opportunities throughout the year to showcase their talented students.