Gifted & Talented

We endeavour to offer opportunities for children to extend their abilities in all areas of their education at Chesham Preparatory School. The term Gifted and Talented can usually be applied to children who are performing within roughly within the top 5% of their peer group in any particular area in school.

Children can be recognised as Gifted and Talented as a result of in-school performance or testing, external clubs or examinations, parental or peer nominations.

These children are recognised in the form of a register. Children can be included for outstanding abilities in academic, aesthetic or physical subjects, or all round excellence.

Activities and provision for gifted and talented children are arranged in response to the abilities of the cohort of children in any particular area of the curriculum. Children may not necessarily remain on the register for the whole of their time at Chesham Prep School.

The educational needs of these children in Chesham Preparatory School are be met mainly by Enrichment of the curriculum.

What makes a child Gifted or Talented?

Here are some possible indicators:

  • Very early to reach milestones in development
  • Deeper knowledge and processing than peers
  • Early understanding of abstract concepts
  • Show desire to probe beyond facts – asking ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ rather than just ‘what?
  • Questioning the answers rather than answering the questions
  • Speed and efficiency of information processing
  • Ability to dismantle and reassemble objects with unusual skill
  • Advanced drawing or handwriting
  • Have a deep appreciation and understanding of music
  • Highly developed empathy for others

While the school can offer some opportunities for extension and enrichment within the curriculum, parents will also be directed towards web sites, clubs, parent support groups, weekend residential subject based schools etc. where the children are able to work with other children at a similar level. These are promoted on the school website.

The school offers clubs for those children who excel at in particular subjects and all departments celebrate outstanding successes every year. The Physical Education, Art and Music Departments in particular, have many opportunities throughout the year to showcase their talented students.


More able children receive extension work and are challenged to reach their full potential. These pupils can aspire to be included on our Gifted and Talented register.


Being gifted and talented in Modern Languages doesn’t necessarily mean that the child is a native speaker of the language. A student who is gifted in Languages grasps new concepts quickly. They will pick up vocabulary with ease and can see how a grammar point learned in one topic can be reused in another area. They have a strong desire to work independently and a ‘natural’ feel for the language, quickly making connections with their mother-tongue. We teach them not only the skills relative to general listening; speaking; reading and writing but also thinking and language-learning skills. We also encourage a thorough understanding of grammar, learnt in a fun but interesting way.

At CPS we have several gifted language learners. These pupils have various opportunities to further their learning by means of our ‘Chispas’ group in Spanish and ‘Les Doués’ in French. Here, we offer extension activities of all sorts by means of an online Edmodo group. Pupils can develop their desire to do the very best at language learning.

A flair for languages is something to be treasured and developed and our brightest language learners are given the tools to encourage them to become life-long language lovers!


The Mathematics Gifted and Talented programme is designed to offer a whole range of appropriate, challenging and engaging learning opportunities to those students identified as gifted and talented in Mathematics. Although CPS will endeavour to encourage those pupils who have been identified as Gifted and Talented, these same opportunities will be offered to all students, thus raising the attainment and standards of all students within the Mathematics Department, whilst catering for the individual needs of every child.

Gifted and Talented mathematicians are those who can easily, quickly and at an expert level, apply the specific skills and processes of learning and who demonstrate high levels of understanding, maturity and achievement. CPS uses different strategies to identify the gifted and talented mathematicians, who equate to approximately 5% of each year group. The identification is an on-going process using both quantitative and qualitative means. Targets for the pupils are set termly and the list is reviewed regularly.

The gifted and talented pupils are set extension work in lessons and for homework. They are encouraged to attend extra maths clubs in some year groups and compete in mathematics competitions and quizzes both in and out of school. It is hoped that they will, possibly through their targets, show an interest in mathematics programmes on television and in other maths related events out of school. In Year 3, the more able mathematics pupils will have an opportunity to have a weekly session with the Head of Mathematics, on top of their normal provision. Similarly, in years 5 and 6, pupils achieving well in the subject will be invited to a weekly Mathematics Club.


At Chesham Prep School, pupils who are gifted and talented in Computing are likely to:

  • Demonstrate a capability that far exceeds our expectations
  • Apply and adapt learnt techniques quickly and effectively
  • Think creatively and devise more efficient methods when problem solving
  • Work independently and initiate ideas
  • Explore beyond the scope of a given topic

Gifted and talented pupils are given ample opportunity to explore the software we study in greater detail and are set higher targets to enable meaningful differentiation within the subject. Pupils are encouraged to write algorithms; design, code and debug programs using 4th generation programming languages that are completely flexible in their design. The Computing department are able to offer a number of extension ideas and suggest places of interest to pupils who would like to pursue their passion for technology out of school.


The Art Department provides an extensive programme of opportunities for pupils, both in and out of school.

The school currently provides clubs in Pottery, Painting, Craft, Textiles, Knitting and stage design to aid the summer production. Pupils are also encouraged to join groups in the holidays both in their local area and further afield in London.

Talented Chesham Prep children display their work annually at the Stowe Art Festival and also at the SATIPS Exhibition.

There is a comprehensive programme of visits to galleries and places of interest; The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Saatchi Gallery
and St. Paul’s, to name but a few.

The work done as a result of the Art Department curriculum forms the basis for the wonderful displays seen throughout the school.


Within the Music Department provision for Gifted and Talented Children is made both instrumentally and vocally. As a member of the Orchestra, a pupil’s musical development is matched by individually differentiated parts tailor made for the players. Talented singers are challenged with advanced part singing in the Concert Choir, once they have successfully passed through the Training Choir and the audition process. Over recent years a number of our choral students have gone on to be successful in the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain and the National Youth Choir. Other smaller ensembles are run by a number of peripatetic staff when a more intimate grouping of advanced students are able to rehearse and perform together on a range of platforms during the year. A Music Theory Club is also run in order to enable students to reach the required level of musical understanding needed to embark on Grade 6 practical examinations. In the classroom the most able pupils are continually catered for with appropriately differentiated work at all stages of their musical development.

The Music Department achieves remarkable successes in both group and individual work. It has a strong choir and orchestra and is supported by a peripatetic staff to offer a range of tuition. – The Life Music Agency runs a guitar ensemble and Rock Band as extra-curricular activities. – Children regularly reach Grade 5 by Year 6 on a range of instruments and voice. – We have a child in the National Children’s choir of Great Britain. – 2 pupils have won music scholarships to Berkhamsted Collegiate, in 2008 and 2011 respectively. – The school recently entered the BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year competition, reaching the quarter finals at The Anvil, Basingstoke.


Children are given the opportunity to broaden their subject knowledge by expanding ideas on the topic studied through independent research and questioning evidence. They are encouraged to explore the idea that history can be interpreted in different ways and to understand the beliefs and attitudes of past people. Their enthusiasm and interest in the subject is celebrated and shared; visits to museums or places of interest either from home or school are presented to the class for discussion. Children are entered for competitions and recently enjoyed a visit to Stowe School, investigating historical people represented in the grounds as ‘the worthies’ and made their own list of contemporary figures.


Gifted and Talented Geography – Senior School

Gifted pupils are generally taken to be those in the top five per cent of the cohort. (Pupils are placed on the G and T register following performance in examinations, class and homework tasks).

The geography department aims to recognise the individual abilities of all pupils and is committed to helping everyone reach their full potential. Emphasis is placed on delivering lessons, which challenge all pupils. The teaching staff aim to deliver stimulating and thought provoking lessons to extend the most able as well as provide support for the least able pupils. We hope that all pupils will be challenged beyond the confines of the curriculum and are encouraged to extend their knowledge through the opportunities available in the local area and beyond as outlined on the school’s web site of suggested places of interest.

Geography: Aims and Strategies


  • To educate all pupils to the highest possible standard
  • To provide an environment which values excellence and effort
  • To nurture the ability of all pupils
  • To stimulate their desire to learn and foster a life long love and interest in geography
  • To provide appropriate challenges to stretch the most able
  • To celebrate pupils’ achievements and their pursuit of excellence by awarding (House Points / Headteacher’s Awards)
  • To be flexible enough to meet individual pupil’s needs within lessons.


The department will:

  • Provide extension, enrichment and differentiation within class and homework tasks where appropriate
  • Provide activities which offer the pupils the freedom to stretch and challenge themselves and to explain their thinking to others
  • Identify suitable materials and develop the use of computing activities to enhance learning (I pads)
  • Celebrate through displays the work and achievements of pupils and present awards where appropriate
  • The department encourages pupils to attend talks from speakers and watch educational programmes such as “Country File” and “Coast” to enhance their understanding of the world
  • Encourage pupils to reflect on their own learning
  • Promote assemblies where pupils have the chance to make presentations and to research topics of personal interest
  • Follow the tracking and analysis of reports (descriptors) alongside the information available from the Deputy Head (academic)
  • Conduct regular review of the work of those considered to be in the group
  • Follow the advice given during inset to all staff to support the needs of G&T pupils


We aim to challenged and extend the gifted and talented pupils with differentiated work. We also encourage these pupils to take part in the Science clubs, and internal and external challenges. All pupils are exposed to more challenging and extension work through the wide range of tools used in science lessons, Science clubs, involvement in Science and Engineering Week, Year 5 and 6 National Science quiz club, Salters’ Chemistry and external visitors such as Aspire Science and Professor Williams.. A list of external places encouraging Science is available on the website.


The PE Department is led by a dedicated team who inspire children to reach National levels of excellence in sports. Athletics The Gifted and Talented children have the opportunity to train with Elite coaches from Thames Valley Athletics Centre after school. We have had National Champions in girls cross country, boys shot putt, girls 800m. We have also had National qualifiers in javelin, hurdles and high jump. Hockey Hockey has become exceptionally strong and the Chesham Prep School has produced 1 International player, 3 England trialists, 7 Regional, 22 County and 7 County Development players. Netball The school enters teams into the IAPS National championships Tennis The School has developed a link with Chesham 1879 Tennis Club. Talented pupils are identified for their performance squad, and there are several players of county standard. Rugby International player Cricket 3 County standard players Swimming 7th Fastest Relay team in the Country – Sheffield 2013 IAPS National Freestyle Champions (both boys and girls). U11 won the IAPS as a whole year group beating Millfield. Boys are currently Division 10 Freestyle Relay Champions and will be representing the South East counties at Ponds Forge in June 2013. Squash County standard player.

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