Tuition Fees per term from September 2024

Nursery (full time)£3870
Years 1 & 2£4825
Year 3£5725
Year 4£5865
Years 5 & 6£6065

* Nursery children have the option to start with a minimum of three mornings or two whole days.

Nursery per day, per term (minimum 2 days)£774
Nursery per morning, per term (minimum 3 mornings)£414


Music lessons: 30 minutes £24.00

School buses: full week per term £400.00
Ad-hoc per trip £6.00 (please advise the School Office)

Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am until 8.00am and costs £4.00 per session.

Late club: £4.00 per half hour including tea.

All Fees are subject to review as determined by the Governors.