Tuition Fees per term from September 2022

Nursery (full time)£3370
Years 1 & 2£4210
Year 3£5020
Year 4£5125
Years 5 & 6£5290
Years 7 & 8£5450

* Nursery children have the option to start with a minimum of three mornings or two whole days.

Nursery per day, per term (minimum 2 days)£674
Nursery per morning, per term (minimum 3 mornings)£362


Music lessons: 30 minutes £22.00

School buses: full week per term £300.00
Ad-hoc per trip £5.00 (please advise the School Office)

Late club: £3.25 per half hour including tea.

All Fees are subject to review as determined by the Governors.

Chesham Preparatory School
Open Mornings Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October 2022

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful school on Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October.  There will be tours of the school and the opportunity to speak to our class teachers and specialist teachers as you go round.

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