School Clubs & Holiday Clubs

School Clubs

Chesham Prep prides itself on the wide range of clubs and activities we provide for the children. There is ‘something for everyone’; in fact, some pupils take part in an activity every day of the week. Whatever your child’s interests may be, every child has the opportunity to thrive as an individual, as well as within the framework of a team at Chesham Prep.

Clubs Descriptions for Summer Term

  1. EcoWarriors Club Y5-8 The Ecowarriors Club focuses on environmental issues and how we can improve our school grounds. The main areas of focus are biodiversity, gardening, reducing, reusing and recycling around school. Activities include gardening in the Grow Zone, growing flowers and vegetables, encouraging recycling around school, litter picking and looking after wildlife. Weather permitting, the club is held outdoors.
  2. Street Dance Club Y1-2, Y3-8 ZKT gives a new, modern twist on the regular dance after school club! Incorporating Street, Break, Hip hop, fitness and fun! Equipment needed: PE kit and plimsolls.
  3. Yoga Club Y1-2 Emma will be here to teach the wonder and fun of yoga to the children. Each week we go on a mini journey of discovery learning the yoga poses through animals and their Sanskrit names whilst working through problems such as self-doubt or friendship and learning to be kinder to ourselves and to others. Each session ends with a few minutes of meditation and relaxation.
  4. Chess Club Y1-2, Y3-8 Coached by experienced Chess Coach and current Buckinghamshire County Champion Ray Sayers following a national syllabus which leads to Certificates of Merit for students.  We will be running our main annual competition in the Spring Term. It is part of the national UK Chess Challenge ( ) and is for players of all abilities. Everyone gets badges and prizes; plus, as players score more points they qualify for additional, bigger prizes. However, this does mean that all chess club members need to be able to play chess. Beginners will be welcomed back in the Summer Term.
  5. Mindfulness Club Y3-8 After a busy day at school where the children have been exerting their brains, this club will enable them to calm them. There will have a variety of activities on offer, from board games and puzzles to origami and colouring. The session will allow the children to distract themselves and engage in refreshing activities.
  6. Bird Watching Club Y3-8 Lots of fun outside learning about and spotting the birds you might find around our school and in the nearby countryside. We also hope to make some birdfeeders and visit our local woods to birdwatch in some different habitats.
  7. Lunchtime Wind Down to the Weekend Club Y5-6 A club for Year 5 and 6 students who would like a little calm and quiet during a Friday lunchtime.  Each week, we will come together to create, problem solve or learn new skills.  These may include a sensory treasure hunt, learning some basic sign language, and origami.  Ideas for sessions are welcome!

Clubs by External Providers:

    1. First Touch Football Y1-2, Y3-8 operated by
    2. French Y1-2 operated by Madame Bland
    3. Professional Card Marking Y1-2 operated by Madame Bland
    4. Street Dance Y1-2, Y3-8 operated by ZKT Dance Academy
    5. Yoga Y1-2, Y3-8, operated by Love from Yoga, Emma Parkes-McQueen
    6. Fencing Y1-2, Y3-8 operated by Paul Davis Fencing Academy
    7. Chess Club Y1-2, Y3-8 operated by Sayers Chess

Pupils can choose from an extensive list of clubs offered by the school staff and external companies:


·        American Football·         Art·         Athletics
·         Badminton·         Ballet·         Board Games
·         Bushcraft·         Card making·         Chess
·         Choir·         Colouring·         Computing
·         Construction·         Crafts·         Cricket
·         Cross Country·         Debating·         Drama
·         Eco Warriors·         E-Sports·         Everything Arty
·         Fencing·         Football·         French
·        Hockey·         Homework·         Imaginative Drawing
.        Latin.         Lego Robotics.         Lego Storytelling
·         Maypole·         Musical Theatre·         Nature
·         Needlework·         Netball·         Orchestra
·         Puzzle club·         Programming·         Rugby
·         Samurai·         School of Rock·         Swimming
·         Ski·         Stem Club·         Street Dance
·         Strictly Come Dancing·         Tennis·         Touch Typing
·         Volleyball·         Yoga·         Waterpolo

Summer Term Years 1 and 2 Clubs details here.

Summer Term Years 3 – 8 Clubs details here.

Holiday Clubs

For information about Holiday Clubs see Holiday clubs and activities

The range of extra-curricular activities is excellent.

ISI Report 2016

A wide variety of clubs is available, complementing lessons effectively allowing pupils to further hone their skills in sport, music and other intellectual and creative activies.

ISI Report 2016