The Senior School Curriculum

The curriculum at CPS is built around the National Curriculum. All lessons are taught by teachers who specialize in their field, from Early Years through to Key Stage 3 and Common Entrance. In Years 5 – 8 children are taught English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, French, Computing, Music, Design Technology, Art, Personal Social and Health Education, Religious Education and Physical Education. Years 5 and 7 have a weekly Study Skills lesson built into their timetable. Children are able to access fantastic facilities in their normal daily routine and lessons are taught by subject specialists in purpose built classrooms.

More detailed curriculum information for individual subjects can be found in the Education area.

Transfer to Secondary School can take place at 11+ or 13+. Every year children enter local independent schools or a variety of local state schools, including Bucks Grammar Schools.

When CPS pupils enter their senior schools, whichever this might be, they thrive academically and adjust very easily to the demands of secondary education. The aim at CPS is to provide all children with a head’s start when they reach their secondary school. This is achieved by accelerating children through the syllabus in order to be at least one year ahead of their peers by at the end of Year 6. In practice, children in the top sets might be nearly two years ahead whilst the weakest in the year group will attain age appropriate levels of achievement.