Design & Technology

Design and Technology is taught throughout Chesham Preparatory school from Nursery to Year 8. From Year 5 up to Year 8 the pupils have the opportunity to work in the in the specialist technology room and they learn to use hand and power tools to shape, join and combine a variety of materials in a safe environment.

D & T Department

In the D&T department we seek to put the pupil in charge of their own Design and Make projects, encouraging them to value their ideas and choices. They will also work in groups where ideas are put forward and adapted whilst at the same time they learn to operate as part of a team to produce an end product.

The Design Process

The Design process is broken down into small manageable stages and each element becomes a focal point for the projects, design briefs and focused practical tasks. There are close subject links with Science and Maths where pupils can cement academic ideas in practical tasks. Many other cross curricular links develop naturally with subjects such as Music, Geography and History as the project themes change and new problems require a practical solution.

Food Technology

The Food Technology component is very popular with the pupils and they learn simple skills from cooking staple foods, rice, potatoes, pasta etc…. to preparing three course meals.

Chesham Preparatory School
Open Days 22nd and 25th September

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful school on either Wednesday 22nd or Saturday 25th September.  There will be tours of the school and the opportunity to speak to our class teachers and specialist teachers as you go round.

“This is a real community school that lives up to its promise of making learning fun, and the results speak for themselves.” The Good Schools Guide 2020/21.

Huge heartfelt thanks for the brilliant remote provision this week and delivering superb teaching in, yet again, a very challenging situation.  A Parent.

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