ISI Report

Following on from our ISI Inspection in January 2016, I am absolutely delighted to publish the final copy of our inspection report. It is a wonderfully uplifting report which reflects fantastically well on the quality and breadth of educational provision at Chesham Prep.

“The quality of pupils’ achievement and learning is excellent. From the EYFS upwards, pupils are very well educated in line with the school’s aim to know each pupil as an individual and identify, develop and nurture his or her varied talents and strengths according to differing needs at different times. Pupils’ attainment is judged to be excellent in relation to national age related expectations. They make rapid progress in relation to pupils of a similar ability. The pupils’ attitude to their work and learning are exemplary. The broad curriculum is excellent and complemented by the rich provision of extra-curricular activities. The quality of teaching is excellent and contributes highly to the pupils’ achievement. Teachers are enthusiastic and supportive and lessons take place in an atmosphere where pupils seek to do their best reflecting the school’s explicit ethos. Teaching is well planned to ensure that pupils’ interest is captured.”
Main Findings – Independent Schools Inspectorate Report January 2016

I hope you will enjoy reading it and I would like to thank and congratulate each and every member of our talented staff for working with such dedication, professionalism and teamwork towards this amazing outcome. I would also like to thank our Governors, parents and of course our wonderful children for helping us to achieve this success.

I look forward to working with colleagues and governors on further action plans following the report which, of course, gives us a tremendous mandate to build on in the next phase of the school’s development.

Jonathan Beale

To view a copy of the ISI Report click below