Welcome to the Junior School


Welcome to the Junior School

Dear Parents

The Junior School is comprised of Years 1 to 4 that cover Key Stage One and the first two years of Key Stage Two. Experience has shown us that the step up from Year 2 to Year 3 can be a challenging one and by the creation of a Junior School where there is a much closer working relationship with staff and children many problems disappear and the transition between these two key stages is a smooth one.

Having completed Reception the children step on from the Foundation Stage and we at Chesham Preparatory School are confident that the children have in place the foundations of learning to ensure a successful journey where they can build skills and concepts on what they have already learnt.

These years are exceptionally important as the children grow tremendously in independence, which in turn leads to greater confidence and self esteem. By the time they leave Year 4 the children are ready for the challenges of a senior curriculum, which will again afford many opportunities for them to develop as learners and young people.

Academic success is encouraged and acknowledged and the work is differentiated to ensure that your child progresses through successful steps. At the same time there are other qualities such as kindness, good manners and respect that are highly valued. From Year 1 all the children are placed into houses where the emphasis changes from focusing on individual success to collaborative success and achievement. Then from Year 3 all the children will experience for the first time playing as members of a team against other schools. The members of the games staff have an inclusive approach to the teams and every opportunity is taken to develop a team attitude.

Trust and communication are key elements to your child thriving throughout their time at Chesham Prep. Your trust in us as professionals, with a depth of experience of nurturing children of this age, is crucial to our working together. Communication is equally as important, we operate an open door policy and the teachers and myself are happy to organise appointments to see you at the earliest mutually convenient time.

Junior School has a balanced curriculum where the children benefit from teaching from specialist teachers for Spanish, French, ICT, PE, and Music. At the same time the pastoral provision is exceptionally high as they are very much under the wing of a form teacher who liaises with the specialist teachers to ensure that communication and provision are excellent.

Three times a week there is a staff briefing where the children’s welfare is paramount, any concerns are highlighted to ensure that all staff can support those children who for what ever reason require extra TLC. Our desire is that all children thrive at Chesham Prep and we all know that this is only possible when a child is happy, secure and is well known and understood by the teachers who are working with him or her.

Miss K Atyeo
Head of Junior School

Our nervous son has been moulded into a happy, polite, conscientious and confident young man, what more could we ask for?

A parent

I love coming to school because all of the teachers and pupils are super kind.

Henry - Year 4
Chesham Preparatory School
Open Mornings Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October 2022

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful school on Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th October.  There will be tours of the school and the opportunity to speak to our class teachers and specialist teachers as you go round.

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