We are Creative

Art is presented in a lively and interesting way throughout the school.  We place the emphasis on learning through fun, discovery and an increasing use of knowledge and skills.

We cover Drawing, Painting, Collage/Textiles, 3D/Clay/Modelling/Sculpture, Printing/Graphic Design, Artists/History of Art and Photography.

The school has a specialised Art and Design Room with an extensive range of facilities including a kiln, screen printing, and silk painting.

We teach Design and Technology throughout  the school from Nursery to Year 8. From Year 5 up the pupils have the opportunity to work in the in the specialist technology room and they learn to use hand and power tools to shape, join and combine a variety of materials in a safe environment.

We put the pupil in charge of their own Design and Make projects, encouraging them to value their ideas and choices. They will also work in groups where ideas are put forward and adapted whilst at the same time they learn to operate as part of a team to produce an end product.

I love how the art teacher is so patient and will always help you if you get stuck.

Catherine Year 4

I loved DT this year.  It has been so wonderful learning how to make some of my favourite recipes.

Lucy Year 5

Creativity throughout the school is excellent, notably in music and art.

ISI Report 2016