When are your Open Days?

Our next Open Day is on Saturday 6th March 2021.

Can I come and visit the school not during an Open Day?



What is the procedure for the admissions process?

Which Years are the main admission points?

Nursery/Reception/Year 3/Year 7

Are there waiting lists?

There are currently waiting lists for most Year Groups for this Academic Year although we do have some places left in Year 3 at the moment. Please contact the Registrar for more information registrar@cheshamprep.co.uk or ring 01494 782619

Do you have a catchment area, where do most families live?

Please see our four Bus Routes to Chesham Preparatory School.

Click to download the attached files:

Little Chalfont/Amersham/Chesham here.

Great Missenden here.

Wendover/Choleysbury here.

Tring/Berkhamsted here.

Do you have a sibling policy?

The Headmaster will, whenever possible and subject to availability, give preference to siblings of pupils already at the school provided that those parents have indicated on the registration form that this is the case.

We are relocating to the UK, can we apply from overseas?

Yes, please contact the Registrar for more information registrar@cheshamprep.co.uk or ring 01494 782619

Do you accept Childcare vouchers?

We do accept childcare vouchers for nursery children and for reception children up to and including the term they turn 5.  We also accept them for late club for all our pupils.

We do not accept the Government funded 30 Free hours a week for 3 and 4 year olds.


What support did you provide to pupils during the Covid lockdown?

As soon as Chesham Prep School closed we set up a comprehensive online learning experience for all our pupils:

Timetabled lessons for all our pupils based on their normal timetable.
Regular live lessons in our core subjects of English and Maths on Zoom and Google Classrooms combined with a series of pre-recorded lessons.
All work set is marked and pupils given feedback from their teachers.
Regular additional activities in Sport, Music, Drama, Art and Science.
Daily contact with class and subject teachers, form tutors and most importantly class-mates.
Assemblies, videos and podcasts including Headteacher’s awards for excellence in work.
Access to our School counsellors
Our excellent pastoral care has continued for families.
Remote learning has continued for all pupils who are not able to return to school.

How many pupils are there in the School?


How many children are in each class?


What is the mix of boys and girls?

182 girls and 207 boys

What are the term dates?

See  Term Dates

What are your fees?

See Fees

Is the school divided into Houses?

Yes, 4 houses, Columbus, Nightingale, Alyward and Stevenson

See House System

How many teaching members of staff are there?

72 academic members of staff

What are the bus routes?

Please see our four Bus Routes to Chesham Preparatory School.

Click to download the attached files:

Little Chalfont/Amersham/Chesham here.

Great Missenden here.

Wendover/Choleysbury here.

Tring/Berkhamsted here.

What is the cost of the bus per week and is it possible to have one way travel or to use the bus on an ad hoc basis?

School Bus Costs

Full Week (refunds not normally allowed) £165.00 per term.

Ad-hoc per trip (please advise School Office) £3.00

Are there late buses?

Yes there is a late bus on all routes, leaving the school is 5.10/5.15pm after clubs

At what age can children use the bus?

Children from Reception upwards can use the bus.

Are the children supervised on the bus?

There is supervision on our large bus from Little Chalfont, the other buses are small minibuses and the driver knows the children very well.

Are there seat belts on the bus?


Do you have before and after school care, what is the cost and at what age can you use this?

CPS run before school and after school clubs for children from Nursery upwards.  They run from 8.00am until 6pm.

See Extended School

What are the contact details for Late Club?

The Late Club Supervisor may be reached from 4.00pm on 07856 022990 or 01494 782619 ext 298.

Where is Little Owls based?

In the Nursery

What after-school activities are available?

At what age can children start after school clubs?

Year 1 upwards

How do I pay for School buses and After School club?

The fees will be added to your school bill.

What is the school’s policy on bullying?

What sports are played at the school?

The main sports at CPS are:

Boys – Rugby, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country

Girls – Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Swimming, Cross Country, Rounders, Gymnastics

Also – Parkour, Tennis, Wycombe Wanderers Football, Samurai, Badminton, Ski Club, Zumba, Judo and a Girls’ Football club, Lacrosse, Cycling and Boys’ Hockey.

Where are the Sports team-sheets?

Do you have provision for SEN?

Where can I purchase school uniform and what is on the list?

The School Shop, 17, The Highway, Station Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1QQ

To book an appointment: Telephone: 01494 677710 Email: sales@theschoolshoponline.com

Website: http://theschoolshoponline.net/


When is the 2nd hand uniform shop open and where is it?

Is there a PTA? How can I get involved?

The PTA plays an important role at Chesham Prep.  We run fun and lively events throughout the year, to fundraise for additional equipment or activities for all children beyond the normal remit of the school funds.  We would love you to get involved, email pta@cheshamprep.co.uk.

See What We do

Which schools do pupils go to when leaving Chesham Prep?

On leaving Chesham Preparatory School our children go on to a variety of schools. The Headmaster and Head of Teaching and Learning are always happy to meet with parents to discuss their children’s strengths and suggest suitable future schools. Approximately 2/3 will qualify for Grammar School places, but not all will take up these places, and will either stay at Chesham Prep or move to independent schools.  See Leaver’s Destinations

Chesham Preparatory School
Open Days 22nd and 25th September

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful school on either Wednesday 22nd or Saturday 25th September.  There will be tours of the school and the opportunity to speak to our class teachers and specialist teachers as you go round.

“This is a real community school that lives up to its promise of making learning fun, and the results speak for themselves.” The Good Schools Guide 2020/21.

Huge heartfelt thanks for the brilliant remote provision this week and delivering superb teaching in, yet again, a very challenging situation.  A Parent.

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